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EAR CANDLING is a technique used by the Chinese, Egyptians and American Indians dating back hundreds of years. This technique is a natural way of eliminating ear wax, yeast, old infections and other debris through the ear canal. The benefits include relief from sinus congestion, sinusitis, earaches, ringing ears, infections, colds, sore throats, candida, allergies, asthma, new energy to hearing impairment, headaches/migraines and dizziness. Improved hearing, vision, taste, smell and mental clarity have been experienced. Children love this nurturing, healing process which has prevented ear tubes and will help those with attention and focusing problems, ADD and hyperactivity. It is a soothing, relaxing and non-invasive treatment.

Cone Candles by LisaThe most important thing when candling is, of course, the candle. It must always be made of pure beeswax, never parafin which is toxic. Lisa's beeswax has been triple filtered to ensure highest quality. No oils or scents are added as this may cause allergic reactions. Natural beeswax already has natural vitamin E, bee propolis, and disinfectant from the bee. Lisa's candles are each handmade. Candles are 1/2” in diameter and 10 inches long, tapered at the end to comfortably fit the ear. The candles are a good size for both children and adults. Always have an experienced practitioner candle your ears. You should never candle yourself.

Price List for Cone Candles by Lisa

1 - 39 pair $5.00 pair Please note prices are quoted in CDN dollars.
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40 - 74 pair $4.50 pair
75 pair and over $4.00 pair

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